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Online Mentoring


This is a 1-2 hour Zoom session that will cover anything you want to know photography related. I am more than happy to answer any of your questions! This is a time for you to set aside to invest in your knowledge, your business, and to learn some tips and tricks from me.  

Typically, Skype sessions will cover the following: 

  • finding your niche & style
  • attracting your dream client
  • emails & client interaction
  • shooting style & how to play with the light
  • lightroom tricks
  • editing
  • workflow
  • website & blogging
  • pricing & contracts 

1- on- 1 Mentor Session


This is a session that will cover everything I do from start to finish and anything you want to know. From attracting, booking my dream clients, to shooting, to the final delivery of images. Wether you want to shoot seniors, families, or couples. This session includes a short shoot with a couple or individual so you can see how I shoot, pose, direct them. I'll also let you shoot them so I can help with any questions you have and also give feedback. You choose what we focus on. These sessions range from 2-5 hours, includes lots of coffee, tons of feedback, and most likely an awesome friendship!

Sessions include (but are not limited to):

  • finding your niche, your style
  • how to attract & book your ideal client
  • shooting & posing (or rather not posing - but in the moment)
  • live shoot with model or couple
  • finding good light, anywhere
  • workflow
  • goal setting & constructive criticism on your work and/or website
  • pricing